Multimedia Projects – Juana Beltran

Multimedia Projects

SONIC ELECTRIC 2018 at Testing Grounds, Abbotsford Convent, Make It Up Club (Melbourne) Rainbow Marp Festival Victoria and more to come.

MELAKA ARTS AND PERFORMANCE Festival. Malaysia.2017 ‘Holding Impermanence’ installation-performance and other collaborations. Collaborators- Taka and Lisa Delthridge.

                                                                               Sliders take time to download the photography.

RUPANYUP studio/house. August-17   Spontaneous improvised practice performance with Simon Fisher (projected images), Ren Walters (lap top electronics sounds). Juana (movements, paper, tape and other small things).



SERES DE SOMBRA  June 2017 at Casa Colon Huelva (Spain), is an installation/performance exploring the impermanence of all states of the human beings, in relation with body and mind, and how the environment, space influence  the human condition and our perception of the world.



FOUR DAYS RESIDENCY Nov-2016, as part of Ren Walters residency at Museum of Innocence Mildura, and This Ensemble tour (spontaneous performances throughout the Malle and Wimmera (Victoria) Australia.



FOUR THINGS & MORE, at Cross St Brunswick. Melbourne Australia Nov-16.  Performance collaboration with Carmen Chan and Clinton Green,  projected video,  charcoal drawing on blackboard.


TONGLEN (from the opaque), durational performance from June 20 sunset until sunrise June 21 2016 in  Mildura Australia.  On a full moon night and winter solstice, all night vigil acknowledging both this unique celestial conjunction and Domenico De Clario's project of placing past possessions in a large burial site. With Domenico De Clario, Ren Walters, David Palliser, Tony Yap and me.


UN-HABITED SPACE at Conduit Arts Space. Fitzroy  Melbourne April 2016. Improvised performance sounds, movements, visual. With Ren Walters and Carmen Chan



BORDERLESS COUNTERPOISE  is a collaborative work on improvisation practice, interpreting text  from composer Stockhausen at Cross st Brunswick. Feb-16. Melbourne. Collaborating with Jenny Barnes, and Christos Linou


GAIP and Anthony Pelchen "MARP" collaborative work. A series of spontaneous improvisations in between performers participating at  Performing Mobilities Oct-15 at ACCA ground. Melbourne






Installation performance, sounds, movement in collaboration with magnificent artists.

Janette Hoe -dance artist, Juana Beltran -installation, performing artist,

Ren Walters -electronics/guitar  Michael McNab -percussion sounds

"states of impermanence ..... permanent impermanence....... everything is in a state of flux.....

constantly changing...... impermanence of being.... spontaneity of each moment...."



Raras Musicas in collaboration with inter-disciplinary performers. Movement-Sound-Visual.

Performers:  Philippe Lemoine-saxo. Samuel Hall-percussion. Luca Bembrilla-guitar. J.G.Entonado-voice-trumpet. Llanos Gomez-performing artist. Mariana Piñeiro-actriz-mover. Juana Beltran-visual performing artist.


MELAKA ART FESTIVAL November 2014 (Malaysia).

MAPFest-14 is a contemporary festival, featuring dance, performance art, visual art, film and music. International collaborations with artists of various art disciplines inspiring, creating, enriching ..... our art practice.

Melaka videos GO TO

I did present an installation work of Shadow Beigns (fly wire  materials), in a magnificent tree.





Collaborative works with artist in all sort of art field. Dancers, performing artist, visual artist, musicians.....





CURRENT  September 2014 Melbourne.

Groups of artists working with improvisational materials. Dancers, musician and art practitioners. I collaborated with tubular bubble wrap shadow man and lights.


GAIP The Gorgeous Thing Event at AKA Studio East Brunswick July 2014

Music-poetry-Persian pupetry...  participants: Domenico DiClario (piano-voice), Dure Dara (percussion), Ren Walters (sounds), Juana Beltran (poetry-pupetry), Elnaz Sheshgalani (poetry-pupetry), Celeste (voice), Gemma (trumpet), Jordan White (guitar).

GAIP at Aka July-14. Juana wearing a Persian-puppet.

GAIP at Aka July-14. Juana wearing a Persian-puppet.

GAIP at AKA Melbourne July-14. Elnaz reciting a Persian poetry.

GAIP at AKA Melbourne July-14. Elnaz reciting a Persian poetry.












WINTER SOLSTICE EVENT at Cecil St Fitzroy  21 June 2014

Multimedia Event organised by Domenico Di Clario (piano-voice-and things)

participants: Dure Dara ( percussion), Ren Walters (guitar and performing), Ineke De Graaf (dancer) Juana Beltran (installation-movements), Elnaz Sheshgalani (poetry-movements)

Winter Solstice at Cecil st Studio

Winter Solstice at Cecil st Studio


GAIP (General Assembly of Interest Parties) at Testing Grounds-Melbourne June 2014

Artists working collaboratively  and site-specifically in a range of environments and contents.

Performing artists-Dancers-Sound makers.


GAIP at Testing Grounds.Juana Beltran working on the Shadow Beings

GAIP at Testing Grounds.Juana Beltran working on the Shadow Beings






ANONYMOUS ONES at Conduit Arts Space Melbourne 2013

Anonymous Ones is an exploration of multilingual societies, diversification of languages and their differing aspects, reflecting difference in cultures and their histories.

anonymous ones- nov-13

Ren Walters (guitar and electronics) and Niharika Senapati (dancer) Jenny Barnes (voice) Juana Beltran (shadow beings installation)

Anonymous Ones project















MOV-E-MENT ....... response to a stimulus  at La Mama Musica  2013 Melbourne

Installation performance, dance and sounds.

Bodies without movement, inactive, no expression, no eyes that express emotion or life, against the movement of a dancer and the movement of sounds.

  • Performers:  Alice Cummins.............. dance artist
  •                     Jenny Barnes................ voice artist
  •                     Scott McConnachie....... saxophone
  •                     Ren Walters................... guitars
  •                     Juana Beltran................ artist, curator
Alice Cummins- MOV-EMENT project-13

Alice Cummins ( dance artist)    MOV-E-MENT project-13

Ren Walters and Alice Cummins MOV-E-MENT-13

Ren Walters and Alice Cummins      MOV-E-MENT project -13


 ANONYMOUS ONES installation performance at Conduit Arts Space 2013 Melbourne Australia

Anonymous Ones Project April 2013 Shadow men

'Anonymous Ones' Project April 2013       Shadow men( Wire mesh)

Anonymous Ones Project April 2013

'Anonymous Ones'  Project  April 2013


No face, no expression, just bodies hanging on the air

Shadow men are observers, not judges

they hear stories, stories, stories

life, life, life

they can be anyone talking in different language.

ANONYMOUS ONES is an installation performance.

  • Shadow men..................... wire mesh human size hanging on ceiling
  • Juana Beltran.................... artist and curator
  • Jenny Barnes.................... voice artist
  • Ren Walters....................... soundscape


FOREIGN BODY      Installation performance at La Mama Courthouse 2011

"Could have happened 50 M B.C.

My stay in the Australian Desert (although short) was the most profound experience.

I felt exposed, naked, humble,  Felt like a speck.  Felt like the first human on the land.

Foreign Body was a conceptual performance, sounds and artworks, based on my experience in the Australian Desert. The music was about the sounds and dynamic I wanted to hear. Ren Walters (my life partner) and I designed  a visual and structural score.


  • Tony hicks.................... bass clarinet, piccolo
  • Adam Simmons........... bass clarinet, piccolo
  • Ren Walters................ guitar
  • Anita Hustas................ double bass
  • Dure Dara...................  percussion, gongs
  • Joe Talia.....................  drums
  • Ronny Ferella ................ drums
  • Juana Beltran............... artwork, installation, curator

Foreign Body at La Mama Courthouse 2010

The Leader Newspaper article on Foreign Body Performance 2010

The Leader Newspaper article on Foreign Body Performance 2011

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