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NAKEDNESS  (2009-2011)  This is how I describe my Australian desert experience.  I felt “alone” naked, almost without identity. Just a body and this mind, that empties itself. The Man and the Land



WALLS  (2005-2010)…………… reminiscent of time.    Time passes leaving traces…..  leaving memories, stories….. pieces of information…..




FADING EVENTS  ( 2005-2006) revisits moments, isolated, captured and frozen in time, that are revitalised and reused for another purpose and context. Worn out events, once were and  are no longer.      Collage, acrylic and oil paint on canvass 90 x 120 cm





WHAT’S THAT  (2001-2004)  Reminiscence of the white walls of Andalucia, Spain…… taking a recognizable entity from it’s context changes it’s meaning and places a stronger emphasis on the object.  Further, deconstructing the object changes it’s nature, creating focus, a different perspective and perhaps a new interpretation.  Mixed media collage on board 45 x 120 cm